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The Risks of Using Container Ships 

Container ships are an extremely efficient way to ship cargo. If your company is looking to ship freight internationally or even domestically in some cases, container ships are a great option. The reason container ships are efficient is mainly based on how they store cargo. All cargo is stored in containers that are specifically designed to be loaded directly onto trains or trucks. That way, when a container ship docks at its destination wharf, the cargo simply needs to be lifted onto its next mode of transport. When cargo is transported without containers, the transition is less efficient and time is wasted as cargo is placed on the next leg of its journey. 



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While container shipments are effective, there are also some risks involved. Before you decide to use container ships as the main method of transport for your cargo, make sure you take the risks into consideration. 


Container Ships are Difficult to Manoeuvre

The cargo ships that carry containers are enormous barges. Unlike ocean liners that take cargo in random assortments, container ships lay out all the cargo on the deck and are large enough to carry hundreds of freight shipments. For that reason, it is difficult to manoeuvre these enormous ships, and accidents do occur. In 2007, a container ship actually hit the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco based on a manoeuvring error. 


Cargo Can Be Lost at Sea 

For the most part, container ships are reliable. However, since whether is unpredictable, container ships are estimated to lose up to 10,000 containers every year. When the weather gets bad, containers might fall overboard. Once they are in the water, they sink quickly and are never recovered.


Pirates are a Real Threat

For most of us, pirates only exist in movies. While real pirates don’t necessarily have peg legs and eye patches, they certainly exist on the open sea and pose a real threat to container ships. When pirates see an enormous ship carrying hundreds of cargo containers, they can guarantee that stealing the ship will bring them a profit. In this way, container ships differ from ocean liners, since the cargo on ocean liners is usually not visible to outsiders. Many pirates target container ships knowing that the potential for profit is great. 

Container ships are an extremely convenient and efficient way to ship freight by sea. If you are shipping cargo from a port city such as Sydney, the containers can be loaded at the wharf, transported on to the ship, unloaded directly onto a truck when they reach their destination city, and then brought to their points of distribution.  The process takes out the issue of re-arranging the cargo, and many containers can be shipped at once, which makes it cost effective. However, there are definitely risks involved with such a method of freight shipping, and all of these risks should be seriously considered before shipping internationally. The risks are serious and could cause major problems for your business if they were to occur.