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Choosing Air Freight Versus Sea Freight Shipments

Based on continuous advancements in the transportation industry, shipments can be made more quickly and cheaply than ever. There are many options for shipping your company’s freight, and all options have improved monumentally over the past twenty years. 



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If your company is looking to make shipments internationally, you’ve probably realised that you have two main options for your freight shipments. You can either send your freight by air or by sea. Especially from a country surrounded by water, international shipments will always be made by either of these two methods. If you are shipping from Sydney, for example, you will need to ship by air or by sea. While each of these options have their own benefits, there are a few factors that should definitely be considered first before you make your choice. Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to choose whether sea or air shipments will better suit your situation. The following factors should be taken into consideration. 


The Cost of the Shipping Method 

If you are debating between air and sea freight shipments, you should first consider the difference in cost. Most people would assume that shipping freight by sea is cheaper, but that is not always the case. First, you should check with the individual carriers that you could potentially use and compare their pricing standards. In many cases, the cost of air shipments is calculated by weight and size.  As for sea shipments, the cost tends to be calculated only by size. For that reason, a very heavy shipment would probably be cheaper to deliver by sea. However, a freight shipment that is both lightweight and relatively small might be much cheaper to send by air. 


The Speed of the Shipment

Although advancements in maritime technology have made ships much faster than they used to be, air freight shipments are faster still. A shipment to the other side of the world could take just a few days by air, but would take weeks or even months by sea. If it is essential that your shipment arrive quickly, you should absolutely choose to ship it by air. However, if time is not an object, shipping by sea could save you money. Whether or not speed is an issue will depend solely on your business’ individual needs. 


The Reliability of the Shipment 

When you think about the reliability of air shipments, you probably think that weather negatively affects the likelihood of timely arrivals. While this is true, any mistakes or delays can be easily rectified with a quick shipment to make up for it, since planes take off practically every hour around the globe. When there are delays at sea, they are not corrected as easily, so shipments by sea are actually less reliable. 

In many ways, air freight shipments are superior to freight shipments by sea. However, whether you choose to ship by air or sea should depend on the specific needs of your business, because there are certainly pros and cons to each method.