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Different Types of Pallet Storage 

Pallet storage is an excellent option for companies that produce large amounts of goods and want to keep their goods safe, out of the way and accessible before they are distributed. If your  company is considering warehousing your goods with pallet storage, it is important to first understand the different types of pallet storage that you can choose from. 


Block Pallet Stacking 

Block stacking is a cheap method of pallet storage, and it is based on the “last in first out” philosophy. In this method, new pallets are placed at the back of the collection, and pallets that are needed are taken from the front. 


Pallet Stacking Frames 

In this method of pallet storage, the pallets are kept in frames so that an entire set of pallets can be moved at once. This is good for products that can be grouped together. Additionally, this method is perfect when temporary extra storage is needed, as the frames can be stacked and put away for later use to save space. 


Single-Deep Pallet Rack

This method of pallet racking provides access to every single pallet, which is perfect for companies that could require access to any of their products at any given time. This requires a large amount of floor space, because there should be aisles between every single rack, so it tends to be more expensive. 


Double-Deep Pallet Rack 

This type of pallet storage is less efficient than the single-deep variety, but it does tend to cost less because less floor space is needed. However, if there is a pallet in the second rack behind the first, it will be more difficult to access and could pose problems. 


Drive-In Pallet Rack 

Much like it sounds, this method of pallet storage allows forklifts to actually drive into the pallet rack and retrieve pallets from all angles. While it’s efficient, the forklift has limited space and it takes a little bit longer to actually retrieve goods from the warehouse.


Pallet Flow Rack 

This option is expensive, as it actually involves using a conveyor belt to move pallets through when they are needed from the back. It is highly efficient and is an excellent option for warehouses that must move stock often. 


Push Back Pallet Rack

The push back method of pallet storage is similar to the pallet flow as it uses other technology to move pallets into position. With this method, you will be taking the oldest pallet from the bunch, and the next oldest will be moved forward to be taken next time. 

No matter where in the world you are, from Canada to Sydney, you will be able to choose any of these methods based on your needs, as they are universal warehousing options. So, to ensure that your pallet warehousing is optimised for efficiency in your company, first define your storage needs and make a choice about storage from there. After taking cost and demands into consideration, the choice should be clear.