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What is a Customs Broker? 

If you have ever transported goods between countries, you know how difficult it can be to get your products through customs. No matter what types of goods you are transporting, customs agents must have all the right documents and information on your imports or exports. Making sure you have all of the correct information can be extremely intimidating for people who are not customs experts. Even getting a single criterion on your forms wrong could mean that your goods will get sent back to you, which could be extremely detrimental to your business. For that reason, customs brokers exist.



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Customs brokers are people hired to professionally ensure that your products and goods are successfully transported from one country to another. While customs can feel very inconvenient sometimes, it really does successfully protect our countries by not allowing certain goods inside. This means that the job of customs brokers is to take care of all of the information needed to clear your goods through customs. This is especially important for countries such as Sydney, whose customs borders surround the entire country with numerous ports and harbors. If you transport many of your company’s goods between countries, you should consider hiring your own customs broker, as they are experts and will ensure safe and efficient transport. Before you choose a customs broker though, you should first understand what they do.


Real and Electronic Document Submission

Many documents are needed when you are shipping a large amount of goods through customs. The forms are often complicated and lengthy. If you hire a broker, they will be able to take care of all documents, and will know exactly how to fill them out. This saves your business a lot of time and could prevent major mishaps in transit. 



Importing and exporting goods through customs is not always free. Often, taxes, excises and duties will be owed on behalf of the company making the shipment. A customs broker can make these calculations for your business. In fact, they can even make these calculations before you begin shipping so that you can make a more accurate prediction about total shipping costs. Again, this ensures successful importation or exportation, because they will be correct in their calculation. 


Communication with Authorities

When you are trying to make a shipment through customs for your business, there is always the possibility that something will go wrong, even with a customs broker. If you don’t know how to successfully communicate with the customs officers or the government, your goods could be trapped at the border for days, weeks or even months. A customs broker will help you communicate with the government agencies in the event of a problem, and could have the issue solved within hours. 

There are many risks involved with shipping your freight through customs, and having a customs broker could save you thousands of dollars in the end. You should consider hiring a customs broker if your company makes international shipments often, as it could save your business someday.